Recruiting Efficiently

Human capital and resources management to get work done is a costly and time-consuming effort. It takes skill and also sales expertise to lure the right candidate, even for general labour jobs. This is probably one of the most challenging recruiting efforts an HR person can undertake, the unskilled labourer. It’s a specific niche that requires a very fast response to any available candidate and then screening. In COVID times this is a huge challenge. Not only has this market been made even tighter by CERB, it’s often fraught with new rules and regulations for not only regular Health & Safety checks, but additional COVID checks, as well as wage challenges. How can you get the right people to staff up, at the right time, in the right job location? Even finding a handful of people can be a huge challenge. Why not leverage mapping technology and open up an App – much like you’d find a matching Uber? Contact us today to discover candidates near your location with the right skills!