Covid & Staffing Up

Covid has sent the workforce into chaos. Workers are off on CERB, some have had Covid tests, others are off in quarantine. How do you know which staff are where, and available or not available to work? We are in a staffing crisis, particularly in care homes where patients and residents can go without proper oversight and care that can result in sickness even beyond contracting Covid.

“[As a worker] you can’t watch people every single second when you’re split between so many residents. The ratios are just extreme. And the reality now is that almost every shift, they’re working short-staffed,” says Katha Fortier, spokesperson for Unifor. (

The WorkorBe App can be an effective tool when searching for staff that is available on short notice and has the Covid questionnaire done and is safe to work.

We can answer the critical questions;

Who is available to work? ◼How to meet daily demand of employee’s needed to maintain service levels ◼Where are available people – either existing employees OR new talent?  ◼When is someone available – what if someone is in or coming out of quarantine? ◼What qualifications do they have?   ◼

Working with your existing system – or outside of that system – WorkorBe can help you find workers who are available, close to the workplace, and meet any qualifications needed for them to work.